Wifi Modem Instructions

1) After you received your wifi modem switch the device on and LET IT STARTUP.

2) Download the Mi-Link Recharge APP from Google Play on YOUR PHONE.

(You can also download a Java APP to use on your Windows computer or laptop here with instructions at bottom.

3) Open the APP and enter your ID number as provided during order.

4) Choose your modem (There will be a list of modems if you purchased more than one)

5) Choose the data package that you want to load.

6) Pay with Payfast (You may need to register first at Payfast)

7) The data package will now appear on the modem screen.

8) Open YOUR PHONE (or tablet or laptop) wifi and enter the wifi password you provided in the order form (You will also find it on the box)

You are now connected with the WiFi Modem and ready to go.

Note: With the Java APP for Windows computers and laptops, you may need to install Java Runtime before you can open and run the java APP



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