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Isolation And Allienation

In one of the cases of parental alienation that I will post shortly as well as all of the other cases I read so far, the emotional and psychological effect on both the parent and children must be serious and bad so WHY are our legal system offered so little help?

In my case it's a bit different where my pain regarding my grandchildren can't match those of the parents above but in an other sense it's even worse for my grandchildren.

My daughter and grandchildren are isolated and alienated from me for no other reason than to keep the abuse by their dad concealed so it have the additional element of abuse.

As is evident in the "messages' I uncountable times helped my daughter and grandchildren with food, medicine, clothes and medical care or whatever they need and without that due to the isolation and alienation.....

Even worse is that I am perhaps the ONLY ONE that give that minor children unconditional love and we have a very strong band and in the messages there are proof that my daughter said for example I gave more love to the children in a day than her husband their whole life and that I am the only one she trust 100% with her children and that I am the only one that the children are allowed to sleep over at.

While she herself is a good mother the problem is that she too is a victim of the emotional and psychological abuse on daily base and nobody, nobody on earth can be "the best they can be" in such circumstances and the ONLY unconditional LOVE, care and support the minor children get is from me so isolate the children from me, rob them from a hell lot more than just a grandpa.


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