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A Short Marketing Story

More than 10 years ago and after years of being unemployed a hearing impaired man started to sell computers online but while he earned some income he soon realized he must advertise much more to increase his income.

R25 000 per month for a main page banner ad on was however crazy to the extreme so he started to build and host his own marketing websites and eventually stopped the computer sales and focused on web hosting and the marketing group.

Over time the group grew to about 80 websites and later 300+ and helped him to increase his income tenfold but everything went down after a very rich potential partner tried to stole his business and concepts. (and luckily heavily encrypted laptop and data was stolen)

For the past two years, being deaf and no matter how good he are, he was unable to gain even a tenth of the new clients as that he did with the marketing group.

Over the many years of building, testing and rebuilding he learned a LOT valuable lessons and are now busy to rebuild the marketing group with a few very important changes.

1) The marketing group WORKS and that's a fact.
2) Co-operation and unity is power and everything was build around that.
3) With a BIG and complicated group, an easy to use management panel is a must.

With above in mind you, every business owner and member can get access to the marketing group and use the group as your own.

- You get the same access to use the marketing group as the owner and developer himself.
- You focus on promoting your business and increase income via content on the group.
- The owner and developer focus on building, expanding and improving the system even more.

So if you take co-ownership and responsibility for the content of the group, the owner take responsibility for the development and improvement and if you keep in mind the current marketing group, even while much bigger and better, is not yet even 10% of what it was, then you can appreciate how much more is yet to come.

A huge, ever expanding and improving marketing system with you behind the steer and in control.



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As developer and owner of this group my goal is to help clients and members as much as possible so please contact me at any time if necessary.

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