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Podcasting Fever Who Can Benefit From Podcasting?

Who says podcasting is just for music and video enthusiasts? If you think that other people won't benefit from podcasting just because they don't have a thing for multimedia files, think again.

Indeed, podcasting was primarily created to provide continuous supply of multimedia files to consumers through RSS feeds. They use podcasts files from their iPods, MP3 players, and personal computers.

These multimedia files are produced into downloadable files. Through podcasting, they can easily be downloaded by any person as long as he or she is subscribed to the RSS feeds.

However, as the popularity of podcasting grows, so does the number of functions it can provide. From the simple utilization of multimedia files for personal use, podcasting has now been employed by various sectors in the society for various reasons.

The Internet marketers are one of the many people who can benefit from podcasting. They can take advantage of the efficacy of podcasting as a marketing and communication tool.

Here's why:

1. Builds credibility

Some people say it is so easy to sell something online. That is because you have the computer's screen to display your product as well as your creative advertising copy.

However, with the growing number of frauds on the Internet today, most people are very meticulous when it comes to online shopping.

For this reason, you have to build your credibility, and podcasting will help you do the job.

How? It is very simple. Just take a video of your clients and ask them to say something about your product. Then, try to air their testimonials through podcasting. Your potential clients will most likely believe more compared to those that they just read.

As they say, to see is to believe.

2. Advertise in style

Advertising can put a great impact on sales. That is why many businesses spend millions of dollars on advertisements alone.

However, the concept of advertisements is confined within the three mediums of communication – print, television, and radio.

If you have an online business, it will be very hard for you to use these mediums as channels of your advertisements.

With podcasting, you can now easily advertise your product online. It makes your product more realistic and credible. You can simply add a video on your website and broadcast them through podcasting and RSS feeds.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that podcasting functions aren't just confined for entertainment purposes. They can also make your money grow.


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