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Struggling With January Blues And Money?

"Many people don't take care of their money until they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time" Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

You must gain control of your money or the lack of it will always control you but then, time is more valuable than money and you can always get more money but you cannot get more time.

To really control something you must appreciate and understands it's value and if you think about the following two questions it will reveal how much you appreciate and value your time and money.

1) You won't read this if you don't struggle financially so what percentage of your time during the past month did you spend on trying to improve your situation?

2) Calculate roughly how much money you earned all your life until now and then what percentage of that money is in your pocket and in the pockets of other people?

Time is money but yet you wasted your time and on top of that the earnings for all your hard work landed in the pockets of other people and never, ever did you paid yourself and valued it as a treasure to protect and expand in your own pocket.

Below you can download an ebook in story format that will help you to see your finances as well as life in perspective.

The lessons in the book is timeless, concise and so valuable that a lot of people that read the book said they wish they got hold of the book much much earlier so it's up to you to invest a few hours or even a day of your time to read the book and start appylying the principles learnt in your own life.

Most people will always stay poor and struggle because they don't think wealth, all they think about is their current problems, and what you think about is what you attract... and what you attract is what you become...

Download Ebook

Please download the ebook now before you become perhaps distracted by the following.

Above is about the ebook itself and the huge value thereof for you while the rest below is merely some of my thoughts that is not really about the book but about life in general.

As 100% hearing impaired person that works for myself the past 10+ years it's not easy in a very competitive and hearing business world so I put in an extra mile or ten and even worked every day the past festive season.

"Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't" Warren G

When a large portion of clients is late with their payments I wished that all clients and in fact everybody read this book and then, typical being a do'er, I just started to create this page and all relevant advertisements. (It's by the way now just after 1am)

I only get hold of the ebook last year but during the past 10 years I developed a system that in a way can be compared to the story in the book where the King ordered Arkad to teach the young men of Babylon how to become wealthy, only in my case it's about marketing but even then it's all the same because marketing is the enabler of income from any products or service.

The book also learn you how to let money works for you, that each coin must bear children and they in turn bear children that all works for you, infinitely works together to build your purse and wealth.

I developed an alternative marketing system that works in the same way that anyone can use to his/her benefit regardless whether you already have a business or not or just want to earn some extra income because as the book will teach you there are more than enough opportunities if you just change and focus your mind on reaching a goal.

The system is massive with more than 21 000 files and several systems that works together in the background but as with wealth it depends on whether you can only think about your current problems or have the ability to look beyond that into a future of marketing power and much more wealth.

It's understandable that you need or want something NOW yes but if everybody else adopt the same mindset, farmers stop to plant, investors and business owners stop to invest and build and people stop going to school or university, the world will descent into untold anarchy and chaos.

It's doing what is necessary, now, that get and keep the ball and everything else rolling.

Source: http://www.saweb.info/99/valueable-advice.html


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