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Camping Like Never Before

More and more people are now engaging into camping especially now that the metros are becoming more and more polluted and congested. Before, this activity has only been a means of adventure and chilling; but now camping has also turned into a popular sport.

A usual camping activity starts with the preparation of gears and gadgets. Food are then packed and sealed. After several miles of travel, campers arrive at the site. After setting the tents, everyone goes on with different activities: mountain hiking, skiing, snow boarding, etc.

However, if the same activities will be done every time one goes camping, the level of excitement and adventure may be lessened. There has to be something new- new activities, new tricks, and new experiences. Here are some tips to make your camping like never before:

1. Plan ahead of time

- Avoid hasty scheduling. A well planned trip gives the group ample time to decide the details of the activity. A check list of what to bring will greatly help in avoiding incidents of forgetting something. Also, planning ahead of time allows adjustments in schedule, for example, a weather disturbance is predicted or, a member suddenly encounters an emergency appointment that conflicts with the group's camping schedule.

2. Scout a new campsite - There are lots of magazines, web addresses, television and internet programs which feature places suitable for camping. A wider choice of sites means new activities, new view, and new experiences for the group.

3. Build a campfire - Tired of the day's varied activities, campers can settle down around a campfire. Together, campers can eat dinner or midnight snack, tell either funny or spooky stories, or just relax.

4. Have fun with games - The group can enjoy with games such as scavenger hunt or any adventure game. Parents also can organize easy games especially when kids are joining the camping activity. - Seeing, tasting, smelling, hearing and experiencing something new in a camping activity will surely make every camper miss the excitement and thrill of camping. A simple addition or revision to the usual set-up can create a remarkable increase in the team member's enthusiasm in joining the camping activities.

Now that more and more advertisements are being launched giving us a wider array of gadgets, gear and camping sites, making a camping activity fun is not anymore a problem. One just has to be creative and resourceful for camping in itself is not adventurous and exciting enough. The right location, the perfect day, the good weather, the reliable gears and gadgets and the cooperative team members are the ones that make a camping


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