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Making The Marriage Last

A marriage is supposed to be forever. This is something that must be taken seriously even before the couple decides to walk down the aisle and exchange vows. When the ceremony is over it is now up to the people involved to keep the marriage and love alive in the years ahead.

Some people start out on a blind date courtesy of friends or family members. The other way of meeting someone is seeing people from school or at work. There are also others who just find love at first sight. Whatever the circumstances, if there is some attraction, then it is inevitable that it develops into something more in the future.

In marriage, the couple will do better if they stay the best of friends, as well as being lovers. This establishes trust and a relationship that allows an open line of communication that goes both ways. This will allow them to avoid one of the major reasons for divorce in society today which is when the couple just stops talking to each other.

The couple must have some spontaneity from time to time to maintain the excitement in the relationship. Both people can participate in a dance class that has not been done before or go on a road trip without any planning for a few days just to be together.

When the couple decides to have children, there will be some sacrifices involved since more time needs to be spent taking care of the children. This does not mean giving up certain pleasures. Some people who celebrate wedding anniversaries still spend a weekend or a few days alone to commemorate the occasion and leave the kids in the care of other people.

Making the marriage work needs a lot of understanding. There will be some issues that both parties may not agree on or certain habits that one may find annoying about the other. No one is perfect and giving a little time to resolve or change certain things may help improve the relationship.

By learning to listen to the needs of the other person and compromising, arguments can be avoided. Past issues should no longer be brought up, if at all possible, so that the couple can look ahead and face the future together.

It takes two people working together to make marriage work. It takes years and even decades to make it succeed. The direction of the marriage should always be decided by both parties.


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